Artist Statement

Artist Statement  -  Jeanette Jobson

Reflective surfaces and living creatures.  

Turquoise blue, glowing orange and rich gold.  

The play of light on form and composition that turns the common into the extraordinary.  

These are the touchstones that inspire my work.

I explore the world of water and fish as a first love, and let it overlap with other subjects that branch off from my aquatic vision, but define the same need for colour, reflection and light in my work.  Vessels that sit on the surface of water and interact with it, birds and animals that live around water and common daily objects that we often take for granted, all entice me to use them as subject matter.

From printmaking to painting, the subject I choose dictates the medium and the technique, which becomes the carrier to pull the viewer into a world of visual exploration. 

I let impressionism and abstraction lead when necessary and at other times, I pull in with tight, representational detail.  I grant myself permission to experiment, to be creative and to be myself.  In that way, I ensure that my work remains fresh and interesting.

Biographical Notes – Jeanette Jobson
Jeanette Jobson is a visual artist who lives and works in Flatrock, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.  She was born in Nova Scotia, grew up in Newfoundland, and lived in Ireland and the United Kingdom for fourteen years, before returning to the province in 1988. She studied fine art under Tom Greenshields R.A. in the UK in the 1980s, with an emphasis on classical drawing technique, and has continued to develop technique through workshops and self study.

For thirty years, she has explored the world in a variety of mediums and subjects, with her work evolving over time into a current mix of representational and impressionist work using traditional painting, printmaking and gyotaku techniques.


She has devoted time at the board and mentor levels to the local arts community, as well as online visual art forums.  She also offers workshops to enable others to learn the technique and history of gyotaku and to encourage drawing skills.

Her work is in the collection of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and has been exhibited in The Rooms as part of the Arts & Letters Competition, as well as being in private collections in Canada, USA, England and New Zealand. 

copyright  (c)  Jeanette Jobson 2013