Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Final Limpid and exhibition

I'm calling this piece done for now.  The foam may get a few more tweaks in days to come, but other than that it will sit and dry and wait to be framed.

A previous painting of a wave, called Landwash, has been accepted into a juried group exhibition at the Newfoundland and Labrador Craft Council.  The exhibition is called Blue and runs from May 7th to June 12th.  The opening is 2 - 4pm on Saturday, May 7th, at the Annex Gallery, Devon House on Duckworth Street.
Calm, sad, delicious and profound – the many unique characteristics of water inspire this group show.
Water sustains life and takes it away. Occupying 73 percent of the Earth, water is still unavailable in a drinkable form to one-fifth of the population. The range of water's colour, its reflective qualities and other characteristics unite and inspire the diverse work in this show. Come and see how craft and art mix with the ecology and politics of water.
  I have another couple of projects on the horizon but am keeping them under my hat for the moment.  More on them after the weekend I hope.  And now onto another painting!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Red Snapper

I'm having a small break from the water tonight and am finishing a couple of gyotaku prints.  This lovely red snapper turned up last week and the defined scales and gill covers make a good candidate for printing.

The fish measures 17" nose to tail and its printed on 18" x 25" okawara paper using Caligo ink.  I added the eye using watercolours and he's ready to go once mounted.

I took another couple of prints from the same inking left on the fish using lightweight art tissue.  I love the delicacy of tissue but it tears so easily its a bit frustrating to use.  This is the print directly off the fish without the eye added.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Limpid - the end is in sight

I'm working towards the finish of this painting, adding details that bring it to life.

I love this stage of a painting.  Well mostly.  There are some sections that I have to talk myself into completing simply because they are repetitive and a bit tedious, such as picking out subtle values on the water surface and darker shading of tiny waves and ripples.  Patience and the ability to let my mind concentrate only  on the particular section that I am working on at the time help.

A few more hours of detail work and I'm hoping to call it complete then move onto the next piece.  There are a few ideas in my head, but I haven't made a firm decision on what's going to be on the easel next.