Friday, October 23, 2015

The Spice Girls

 The Spice Girls
9 x 12 oil on masonite

I've run a few palette knife workshops lately and then spent time catching up with myself in terms of creating my own paintings and dealing administrative work.  Admin seems to really take time if you let it slide, so I try to do a little every day so it doesn't become overwhelming.

One of the workshops I taught was an external one held at Anna Templeton Centre in the heart of St. John's.  The centre is housed in an old historic building that concentrates on providing creative opportunities from painting to jewelry making within the city.  I'll also be teaching there this winter from January to March. You can check out their full range of Winter Workshops.

These peperonchino peppers that were grown in our own greenhouse were my choice.  I'd painted them before in watercolour and wanted to see how they translated into oils.  The watercolour study was done without an under drawing, something I very rarely do.  But careful planning and study before putting down paint is the way to go if you don't have a guideline.  And patience.  Watercolourists must have the patience of saints and discipline not to mess with colour once its on the support otherwise the colours are muddied and results disappointing.  Its the same in palette knife painting, put down a stroke and leave it, don't go back and pat at it.  That is a recipe for mud too.

My second annual Painting Christmas palette knife workshop is filling up fast.  This is a fun way to start the season by creating a couple of small seasonal palette knife paintings and enjoy a delicious home cooked festive lunch. The fireplace will be going and the tree will be up. All that's needed is you on December 6th.   Registration is available online.