Sunday, November 15, 2015

Brigus South

 Brigus South - SOLD
24" x 30" on canvas

Fishing sheds, stages, twine lofts...every structure that loads fish, dries fish, is a set off point or a home port or a refuge to mend nets or meet with "the boys" for a few beers and a chat, have different names in Newfoundland.

Like many fishing related structures in the province many are not in use with the decline of the fishery, so they sit there, with nature adding and detracting from their character.

I found these fishing sheds/stages in Brigus South, a tiny community nestled on a small inlet harbour at the foot of tall rocky cliffs.  Weather and time is taking its toll on what must have been points of activity when the fishery was in its heyday.  Now they sit and await their fate.