Saturday, July 01, 2017

I'm opening a gallery

I've been sitting on news for a month and now that the paperwork is complete I can finally let you know that I'll be opening a seasonal gallery in Heart's Content this summer!

I have been searching for a long time for what I hope is the perfect property and location for a seasonal gallery and believe that the delightful, historic seaside town of Heart's Content, on the Bay de Verde Peninsula is "the one".  With a name like Heart's Content, it beckons you to rest and relax, doesn't it?

Why do I want to open a gallery? 
  • I'm a prolific painter and have work  not currently in galleries that I want to share with the world.
  • I want to provide other artists with an opportunity to showcase their art and build their art careers. 
  • I want to be next to the sea all day and night.  It is my inspiration for many of the paintings that I produce.
  • I have a business and art background that fits this industry and I want to put those skills to work.
  • And many other reasons that I can't begin to articulate!  

The building is a large gallery space, about 1500 square feet, with an attached apartment that I'll be calling home until the end of October. It sits a stone's throw from the waters of Trinity Bay on Route 80, on the Baccalieu Trail, 1.5 hours drive from St. John's.  It is located right next to the Heart's Content Cable Station where the first permanent telegraph cable connecting Europe and North America was hauled ashore at Heart's Content. With plenty of free paved parking available right outside the door, its convenient and comfortable for access.

Right now the space is big and full of echoes but July will be crazy with refurbishment to turn the previous pharmacy into a gallery space. Some inside restructuring, painting, flooring, hanging and lighting systems as well as all the other things that will turn the space into a functional art business are in full swing.

I am aiming for an August opening and will announce the date as soon as the building is ready . The website for the gallery is incorporated into my website  and updates on the refit progress will be posted there and on social media.

While the season will be shorter than usual this year, submissions from artists who believe their work would fit in with the island's newest the gallery are welcome. The feel of the gallery will be predominantly coastal - marine, aquatic, boats, fish, etc. 

Artist Submission Guidelines are available here.