Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Internal Fire

Internal Fire 
11" x 14"     Oil on masonite
Work in Progress

Reflections are the keystone of all my paintings, whether water surrounding a boat or the environment seen through glass or reflected on metal.   The challenge of finding the shapes and colours to slot into place to create that magical effect never loses its interest for me.

I've painted and drawn glass before, as in this post, and these tended to be isolated studies of glass, but thought I'd go a step further with an interior scene.  I haven't done a lot with interiors but the play of light on surfaces provides interesting subject matter.  Mariana Gamboa kindly donated an image that was too enticing to resist.

Glass, like any other object, is a series of shapes, light and shadow.  Beginners often find it intimidating, but I believe that is more about the initial perceived complexity.  When broken down into smaller sections and looking carefully at the changes in values and colours, it becomes easier.  Of course, the more complex the piece, the longer it can take and rushing to finish something is a good recipe for frustration.

This piece is done with a palette knife and my favourite colours - golds and turquoises.  The painting is at the point now where details and little adjustments can be made to bring it to completion.