Friday, September 09, 2011

Balancing act - in progress

I am toying with which paintings I will put into the next exhibition and what needs to be framed - or created.  Waiting for layers to dry on one piece, I played around with this bumblebee balancing on a flowerhead.  I've not done many insects close up and, truth be told, I do have a fear of insects.  So examining one closely is a bit daunting for me. 

I chose the least menacing of them, a loud, round, furry bumblebee.  We have lots of them around here and uncovered a nest of them at the edge of the woods by the meadow the other day.  They're large and not as fast moving as honeybees, looking more like flying teddy bears I think. 

I'm still wondering how that weight balanced on the flowerhead...precariously of course.

This is an 8 x 10 piece in oils on gallery canvas.  The first layers are down and detail will pull it together over the next couple of days.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Coming out from under the pile

14 x 21

There really aren't enough hours in my day to fit in everything lately, but I'm trying.  As a result some things have gone by the wayside, such as the blog.  But I haven't forgotten you!  I'm just behind the scenes working furiously and getting ready for the next exhibition on October 6th.  Yep still finishing paintings for it and deciding which pieces will go.  Oh and framing,  I need to get that done too quite soon.

And there's commissions that I'm working on as well.  And day to day life and work.  So I'm up at 5:30 fitting in a little painting and doing more in the evening.  I haven't touched housework and laundry's piling up.  This weekend I will tackle the house for a few hours and get that under control.

Am I the only one who does this?  I mean work in spurts at this frantic pace then collapse in a heap when its complete?  Instead of things slowing down, they seem to be speeding up - or I'm getting older and it just seems that way.

So while I work away on some paintings, here's an update on one that I was working on this winter.  Its the amazing rocks of Flatrock that I started in watercolour.  I picked it up again the other day, needing a change of scene, and added some more washes to it.   Its about 90% complete now.  A few more details and its on its own in the world.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Classic Martini, ready for consumption

 Classic Martini
8 x 8 on masonite panel

I think I deserve a martini after trying to photograph this predominantly black painting.  It really does look much better in person, despite my best efforts at adjusting in my ancient PS program. Although I did use Payne's Grey for the background, the resulting light reflected makes it look a lot bluer than it actually is.

Another piece to be the companion for this is in the works, but first I need to make a start on another commission and get that blocked in.  Its great to have things flowing, but it sure can take time to fit it all i n.
In situ

I've shuffled though some of my half finished paintings, trying to decide what I will put in the next exhibition in October and spent some time today adding colour and texture to a watercolour of the Flatrock rocks.  It may be overkill and the whole thing could be dumped.  We'll see.

Now where's that martini?