Sunday, September 04, 2011

Classic Martini, ready for consumption

 Classic Martini
8 x 8 on masonite panel

I think I deserve a martini after trying to photograph this predominantly black painting.  It really does look much better in person, despite my best efforts at adjusting in my ancient PS program. Although I did use Payne's Grey for the background, the resulting light reflected makes it look a lot bluer than it actually is.

Another piece to be the companion for this is in the works, but first I need to make a start on another commission and get that blocked in.  Its great to have things flowing, but it sure can take time to fit it all i n.
In situ

I've shuffled though some of my half finished paintings, trying to decide what I will put in the next exhibition in October and spent some time today adding colour and texture to a watercolour of the Flatrock rocks.  It may be overkill and the whole thing could be dumped.  We'll see.

Now where's that martini?


Jennifer Rose said...

another drink in the works?

great job with the liquid in the glass, the reflection really make it look real :)

Christiane Kingsley said...

Oh, I love it! It has a great contemporary look.
Where do you find the time for all that painting with your full-time work? Amazing.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Jennifer. Yeah, I figured it needs a companion piece - scotch perhaps? Glass and liquid are interesting to draw and paint, all that detail! :)

Christiane, glad you like it. It does have clean lines and would work well in many settings.

I make time when I can. Up at 5:30 to paint for an hour before getting ready for work and I paint most evenings and of course weekends. It all fits in, more or less.

debwardart said...

I commend your dedication (you are making me tired, tho!). Looks good enough to drink - but please, make mine a daiquiri!! Great job!