Monday, April 06, 2015

Hangin' WIP

Its quite common to start a painting and not finish it.  There are many reasons.  It may not be working out as you imagined it; you may lose interest in the subject; you may not have time or other projects are more pressing.  

This was the case for this piece. I  started it quite awhile ago using brushes on canvas and it wasn't quite doing what I wanted so I put it aside.   While cleaning up the studio today, I found it again and thought it was time to revitalize it using palette knives and to change the background for more contrast.  You can see my progress on the first two toys today as well as the background change from the pale blue to the darker greens.  I think the contrast gives more impact to the pastel toys and the texture of the knife should provide a more realistic look of fur.

I don't toss a lot of paintings, but the ones that I do put aside are usually returned to and reworked at a later date.  And that date can be years later.  I think I must hold the record for not returning to a portrait for over 20 years!  Unless I plan to completely rehaul the painting, I don't gesso over it, but simply oil out (if using oil paints) and make my changes.