Friday, February 01, 2013

Orange study - SOLD

Morning Sunshine - SOLD

Pigments Through the Ages states:

The color we know as orange was referred to in Old English as “geoluhread,” which means yellow-red. The word “orange” was adopted after the eponymous fruit was introduced to English via the Spanish word naranja, which came from the Sanskrit word nāraṅga.

Orange and turquoise are my two favourite painting colours and they turn up over and over, especially in my fish paintings - well in most of my paintings you'll find traces of them.  The orange I like is pure pigment, cadmium orange is a warm colour which turns more towards yellow and my turquoise of choice (more like easy access/no mix) is Daniel Smith cobalt teal blue, however I do create my own turquoise using ultramarine and pthalo green with titanium white.  There are endless combinations of colours to create turquoise, depending on what value and warmth/coolness you want.

Still in acrylics I started this study of a clementine over a panel that I scrapped then restarted, using a black background over the offending part  of the original painting and leaving the perimeter pale.   Of course a form of blue and lavender crept in to offset the orange and there it was. No, not turquoise, but blues are never far away.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Blue Mussel

 To purchase, click here. $50

I couldn't settle on anything specific to paint tonight and decided to pull out my acrylics for some practice.  After using oils for quite awhile, there is always a bit of a learning curve in using acrylics again.  They're more common lately, as so many people have issues with oil paints and solvents and clean up is easier.

So hunting through my archives I found this little blue mussel shell.  These are so common in Newfoundland seen on every beach it seems and are grown commercially.  Unfortunately I am allergic to shellfish, so simply admire them from an artistic point of view.

This is on a 5" x 7" stretched canvas. I toned the canvas black and like the effect of a little darkness coming through the layers and will use the dark tone again I think.