Thursday, November 03, 2016

Black Friday Weekend Sale

I've been in head down working mode for the last few weeks as I worked in the studio, did a plein air event in a storm, taught workshops and made some changes to my website to pull everything together under one roof.

I'm closing my Etsy store over the next couple of days and have opened a storefront on my website.  Etsy has changed its search features over the last year and visibility has slowed, so it was time to make some changes.   The Store is open now and I'm populating it with available paintings and prints.  It is categorized for easy searching and direct sales. In 2017 I will also pull away from my external workshop registration site and make registration available through my website as well.

You can visit the Store by clicking here.

In cleaning up the studio, I unearthed a number of paintings from pre-palette knife days as well as current pieces.  I will be offering them for sale in a Black Friday Weekend Art Sale from November 24 - 27.  If you are a mailing list subscriber, you will have a 24 hour pre-sale viewing and be able to purchase pieces before it goes public.  You can join my mailing list through the link on the right side of this page and receive the Studio News once a month with occasional emails about special events.

If anyone thinks the life of a professional artist is easy, I'd invite them to spend a week with me in the studio and the business world of art.  But I wouldn't change it for anything as I do what I love and am only accountable to me.

Studio painting seemed elusive for the last few weeks with visitors, teaching, and a plein air event that I took part in on October 22nd.  Unfortunately on that day, the tail end of a hurricane was forecast.  So while the morning looked dry, we took a chance.  I was on Signal Hill in St. John's, overlooking George's Pond and the Burma Road Trail.  I arrived around 8am hoping the weather would hold and while it stayed dry, the wind picked up and it was a challenge keeping the easel and canvas from toppling over (which it did several times).  It was tied down and weighted with my backpack but that just didn't seem to do the trick.

I managed about 2.5 hours of work outside before the cold affected my hands and I was shivering.  After a cup of coffee to warm up I retreated to the warmth of the gallery to continue to work on the piece.   On October 29th, the pieces were exhibited at Peter Lewis Gallery and are available there for sale.  Next time, let's hope its a summer event!