Sunday, March 09, 2014


9.5 x 12.5"  pastel on Canson paper

Often titles arrive for paintings almost before they are begun.  Or while in process as colour and shape evolve.  Not in this case.  This boat remains untitled, so much so, that Untitled Boat may indeed become its title.

Having a number of untitled paintings can be problematic when it comes to cataloguing and tracking them.  Potential collectors and artists easily lose track if every 4th painting becomes "Untitled # ....."

Finding a name hinges on mood, lighting, place name, object name and a host of other variables. There are simplistic names based on obvious features or geographic settings, romantic sounding names, dredged up from a background of stories or symbolism around the work or clever titles based on tongue in cheek plays on words or settings or similarities.

An occasional "Untitled" label is fine and can enhance the mystery of a piece, but when overused, like anything, becomes confusing when used frequently or make the artist look as their vision wasn't complete when the painting ended.