Sunday, January 06, 2013

Fishy bits - the series

flounder1 sm
                                4” x 6”  Ink on handmade paper
For those who follow my blog or website, you’ll know there are often fish and aquatic themed pieces that I produce.  This year, I’m still on that same page, but have decided to offer a range of relief prints of fish found in local waters.  I will produce a new print each month which will be available as an unlimited edition, 4” x 6” in size. These will be printed on a variety of papers, Japanese, printmaking papers and handmade papers.  The choice of paper is mine and a surprise for you.

The prints will be available for purchase through my website and all will be the same price of $22.00 each, including shipping.  Collect all twelve in the series and frame them together or individually.

lino cut 1 sm

The first print proof in progress shows the transparency of the Japanese paper used for this printing as the cut block becomes clearer.

The January Fishy Bits is a flounder.  I love these fish for gyotaku as they’re so….well flat!  They look a bit like Mick Jagger with their amusing pout and their skin is like sandpaper.  This image is based on a winter flounder that sits in my freezer, waiting for his debut in various forms.

Happy fishing!