Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Hybrid Painting

 Winter Sun
6" x 8"  oil on panel

Its been quite awhile since I painted using a brush.  A palette knife is my usual tool for painting these days and has been for about six or seven years.

I was asked to give a private class in painting in oils with a brush.  I did hesitate, but painting is painting and the principles are the same, so I went ahead with it.  It was an odd feeling, using a brush again, both uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time.  I advocate that anything that pushes you outside your comfort zone is a good thing and always teaches you something.

My student did beautifully with her piece and I liked, but not loved mine.  It was simply different from what I was used to producing.  Coverage wasn't as thick, application wasn't as quick and at this point in my art life, a brush felt more clumsy than natural.

Brush painting - Winter Sun

This image above is where I ended with my demo in the class and I confess that I switched back to a palette knife to complete the piece that evening.

Will I use a brush again?  Absolutely, but not frequently. I still use brushes in glazing and with acrylics and watercolour, but for regular day to day use, they just don't seem to fit my style anymore. I have moved on  and am firmly entrenched in the world of knives.

What is it about brush or knife strokes that appeals to you?  Why do you use the tools that you do?