Saturday, December 03, 2011

Clementine in progress

I always associate clementines with Christmas, as they are seasonally available.  I don't recall them from my childhood though.  We had big navel oranges at Christmas then and kumquats sometimes, but I don't remember these little clementines.

The appeal of easy opening and sweet tasting flesh makes them irresistible, and like potato chips, its hard to have just one.

I set up a partially peeled clementine and started this oil painting on an 8 x 8 canvas panel.  Light through the flesh almost glows and I'm getting there with that.  Now the peel to form and texture is the next challenge.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Wooden it be nice...

When time is short or inspiration lacking, its good to pick up other things and play.  This little disembodied head is wooden and I've stained it with watercolour.  I love how the grain of the wood shows through the transparent colour.

Off and on, I've experimented with whimsical wooden pieces.  These were cut out with a jigsaw then painted - more years ago than I remember.  I rediscovered them in the cold room (which is a veg/fruit room in the house that has vents to the outside) when looking for something else.

Kewpie doll

I've started and wiped several paintings this week.  I can't seem to concentrate or get enough time to concentrate, but I have some ideas that are coming together. 

This is the start of a piece in oils.  The background the result of a combination of colours from one of the wiped paintings.  It just happened to be the right shade of grey for what I wanted.  Of course, with oils, I need some time between layers to build, but the shape is there.  Whether it will do as I hope is another thing.

I recall these Kewpie dolls from my childhood and each year they would be the coveted prize at a stall at the annual Regatta.  The rounded features and shiny surface make an interesting object to paint.  With the grey undercoat, this looks like a ghost image so far.  More to come soon!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Marsh mist

Early morning light just hitting a wetland works magic with mist and fog as it rises off the land. With just enough light to have a glimmer of colour back into the landscape, the mist surrounds it, softening shapes and giving the small river a silvery look as it cuts through the vegetation.

6 x 6" on masonite panel in oils.