Thursday, April 07, 2016


 24" x 36"
 oil on masonite

I've been busy creating and finalizing pieces for upcoming exhibitions.  Spring and summer are always crazy times for artists and coming out of the cocoon of winter is always a shock in terms of just how much work must be done.

But there is worth in deadlines, even if we complain about them.

Deadlines provide incentives to produce work and goals to aim for.  They push you to explore boundaries and experiment with new ideas. Without deadlines whether external or self imposed, I can wander around like a lost puppy or procrastinate until a deadline is lost.  Then I kick myself for wasting time or not paying attention.

Embrace deadlines and impose them on yourself regularly and see your production soar.   How to meet yoru deadlines?  You need to do a little planning and setting your own deadlines to meet a production time.

Here are some tips to help

  • Understand exactly what the deadline is.  June 25?  Ok, but 9am, 3pm or midnight on that date?  
  • Can you really meet this deadline?  There's no point in rushing work and not producing your best.  Consider carefully if trying for a deadline will make you crazy, make you create sloppy work or look unprofessional before you say yes.
  • Set you own goals within the time frame.  You can't produce everything in one day and deliver.  Set goals for yourself at daily or weekly intervals leading up to the final deadline.
  • Give yourself wiggle room.  Life happens and its beyond our control, so add some extra prep/work time for the project so that if the worst happens, you still have available time before the deadline.
  • Be prepared to do the work.  If you procrastinate or mess up, be prepared to do an all nighter or work extra hours to make up for lost time.