Saturday, May 10, 2008

Self portrait update

Self portrait - 1460
copyright Jeanette Jobson

Self portrait crop
copyright Jeanette Jobson

I've worked on the self portrait version of the 1460 Portrait of a Lady and its a little odd seeing myself thrust back over 500 years in time. I have always had a fascination with history and often wonder what life would be like then. Perhaps for the wealthy it held more appeal than for the average person, but I'm sure without the benefits health care and lifestyle, life would indeed be shorter, no matter what your status.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Virtual sketches & lists

Here is a sampler of the life and landscape of Newfoundland.

Rose Welty and I have banded together, along with several other people to participate in another virtual sketch. I have provided the image this time and we will work on it over the next week and post it on Sunday May 18th.

It is interesting to see each person's approach to a drawing, whether they keep it as a simple sketch or turn it into a more elaborate drawing.

If anyone else is interested in joining in on this project, just contact me or Rose and provide your email address, then the reference image will be sent to you. Its that simple.

Participants: - Updated 5/15/08
Jeanette, Rose, Jeanne, Stacy, Belinda, Jennifer, Gayle, Teresa, Katherine and Paulette.

This weekend I have to knuckle down and complete some tasks. The list is getting longer and I know there'll never be enough time, but I'll try to see what I can accomplish.
  1. Finish the drawing workshop presentation
  2. Start a new drawing lesson for an online site
  3. Work on the 1460 self portrait
  4. Start a rough of the virtual sketch
  5. Revamp my artist statement and bio
  6. Create the thumbnail and rough in shapes for the right side of my symbolic self portrait
  7. Prep for teaching a private lesson next week
  8. Develop and order new marketing materials

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Drawing day

Portrait of a Lady - self portrait
after Rogier van der Weyden
copyright Jeanette Jobson

Awhile ago I did a study of Portrait of a Lady by Rogier van der Weyden, as an exercise in drawing. I was encouraged to try the portrait again as a self portrait by Katherine Tyrrell at Making a Mark and thought the idea would be fun, so here is the line drawing, using myself as the model. So far, it looks a bit like the Flying Nun! There is something about putting myself into 1460 costume that's appealing.

Drawing Day 2008

There were several reasons for my re-entry back into art after an absence. One was encouragement from a friend. Another was the use of online art communities. After discovering WetCanvas and the diversity of materials, information, support and challenges, it was a seamless transition back into the art world. I have dabbled in other online art communities, some more actively than others, but continue to return to WC where I know I will continue to grow and learn in that environment.

For many online art communities are safe environments for expression and great sounding boards for growth in art of all forms. To encourage drawing and online communities, June 7, 2008 has been declared Drawing Day.
Drawing Day is a worldwide drawing event encouraging everyone to drop everything and draw for the sake of art. The internet is an open canvas. Help us create 1 million drawings online this day and boost online art communities.
Will you be drawing on June 7th? I know I will.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm back

The Ruins, Mackenzie King Estate
Gatineau, Quebec

Travels are over for a little while and its back to reality tomorrow in the form of work. However, it was a good trip and I enjoyed myself in a variety of new places and experiences, most of them self indulgent luxury.

Here's a peek into one of the places that I visited on the Mackenzie King Estate in Gatineau, Quebec. The day was warm and lovely and it was followed by spending the rest of the day soaking up the sun at Nordik Spa in New Chelsea.