Wednesday, January 21, 2015

3 in 5

I've been taking part in a Facebook challenge for the last five days of posting 3 paintings a day.  It floods the newsfeed with beautiful art and pushes the negative to the background.  It also exposes other artists and interactions that I would not have found otherwise.  The image above are the 15 paintings that I shared, with some of the full images below.  You can see all of the posts an like my artist page on Facebook to keep up with news and new paintings.

I thought I'd share a couple of the posts with you and encourage you to visit the Facebook pages of all the artists to see the wonderful work they create.

I was tagged by Sheila Arsenault Howell to post 3 paintings daily for 5 days. This is Day 2 My choice today is fish and my favourite to paint and draw are capelin. These little iridescent fish are so appealling to me and presented here three ways, charcoal, watercolour and oils.

I'm tagging Florence Pinhorn, one of my artist friends and one of the visiting artists at Peter Lewis Gallery to join in and share her work.

Capelin Study- Sold

Its Day 5 and the final day of posting 3 paintings in 5 days. Its been wonderful to see all the art displayed online. It flooded the senses with beautiful images and good feelings. Thank you to everyone who took part, from the initial challenge from Sheila Arsenault Howell to participants Elaine Juska Joseph, Florence Pinhorn, Ann Thompson Nemcosky, Christiane Kingsley

Today I am tagging Jerusalem artist Chanan Mazal to share his amazing work for the next five days.
It was difficult to make a choice of what to post, but I decided that waves were the theme. Who doesn't get fixated at the shore watching waves roll in? All these pieces are older ones and brushwork, not palette knife.

 Landwash - Sold

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nearing the end

 Sketch for "Winterton"

I have officially completed the 15th painting in the series of wooden boats! Each piece is named after the location where I found the boat.  A lot of travel was involved locating wooden boats which are rare these days, with fibreglass boats and outboard motors being the norm.

Its been pretty solid painting since June to produce this series.  Each painting is 30" x 40" and completed using a palette knife only.  The benefit in using a knife is that it does hasten the painting time, but each piece takes its own sweet time in coming together. I can produce anywhere from one in a two week period or one a month, depending on complexity. I just never know until I'm well into the piece how long it will take.  Of course deadlines work wonders for concentration...

  #15 - so much grass!

I've also been working on the book of sketches that will accompany the series and hope to have that finished in February, ready for print.  As I received a grant from NLAC to complete this project, I also need to do a final report and submit it before I can call the project finished.

Sketch for "Lower Battery"

The wooden boat series will be exhibited in a solo show at Peter Lewis Gallery in June. I've kept the paintings hidden except for glimpses here and there as I don't want them revealed until the opening.  Its frustrating for me not to share them with you as its what I do constantly in process and finished pieces.

Crop of "St. Philips"

In addition to the series, I continue to produce small paintings and drawings that are often available on Etsy.  They're my break between paintings to let me work on different subjects.  But now, I can get started on that collection of ideas and subjects that have been waiting in the wings for months!

There are still a couple of weeks left in my Waifs & Stray Sale to snap up original art at affordable prices.

Art workshops in drawing and painting begin again in March.  You can find out more and register online

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Waifs & Strays Sale

I'm a fairly prolific painter, even when working on a series.  I take 'breaks' from my series subject by painting other subject material and also paint demonstration pieces in workshops.  Annually I like to provide paintings from old and new work to collectors at a reduced price.  

From January 12 - 31st, I will be making paintings available through my website on a first come basis.  You can see the images currently on the Waifs & Strays Sale page of my website, but prices will not be populated until January 12th.  I cannot accept reserves prior to the sale date, to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to purchase.

Shipping is included in the purchase price unless otherwise indicated.  Framed pieces which are under glass  will have the glass removed prior to shipping.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

January Woods

 January Woods - SOLD
5"x 7" oil on panel

The first real snow of 2015 layered everything with white today and provided a snow day for many.  Me included.  Its never really a snow day as technology increases remote connectivity and I worked from home.

However, at 4am I couldn't sleep and was up and in the studio and found an image I had taken a few years ago looking out from the protection of the woods into the clearing of the meadow and decided to paint it.   I believe painting becomes automatic to me, no matter what the time of day, whether night or day.

I am surrounded by trees where I live in the country and over time have made trails and clearings through the trees that provide magical places to observe light and colour.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Closer to Home in 2015

 St. John's Harbour

I always make plans for the year that lies ahead of me. A plan provides me with goals and is a way of measuring progress towards those goals.  Not knowing where you're going can be amusing for awhile, but it often leads to stagnation and the making the same mistakes over and over.   At the end of the year, there are no measurables to determine if you've moved ahead or been successful.

  Salmon Cove rocks

So what is needed in a plan for art?

  • A plan needs to be structured
A plan should be definite in objectives with tangible goals that can be measured against.  For instance, ket's say you want to learn how to paint with a new medium.  State what that medium is, how do you intend to learn how to use it (self teaching, workshops, videos, etc.), how many pieces of art you will create with it and how you will define success in becoming adept at the technique.

  • A plan needs to push you outside your comfort level
We all love to sit in that comfy space, surrounded by what we are familiar with, whether tools or people. Sitting in the space never allows us to make mistakes.  Moving into areas outside that comfort zone pushes our creativity, adaptability and ensures exposure to new ways of doing things.  There is nothing like problem solving and being uncomfortable in creativing work or art related situations to make your brain work and ideas flow. Mistakes are how new techniques are born!  Embrace them.

  • A plan needs to be based on business principles
If you want to be recognized as a professional artist and sell your work, art must be treated as a business.  Like any business, there are areas to concentrate on and monitor which can increase revenue, improve marketing and branding that help the business thrive.

Professionalism is vital in all areas from business to production and presentation of your work.  Long gone are the days of eccentric, egotistical, difficult artists as the expected norm.

  • A plan needs to be flexible
While structure is required to form goals and measurable results, a plan needs to be flexible enough to adapt to situations and opportunities which arise during the year.  Perhaps a plan to have work in a gallery falls through, so ensure that the research is in place for an alternate gallery.   Or maybe partway through the year, you receive an opportunity to do a big commission when you had planned on a smaller series. Weigh up the pros and cons and if the commission is better than what you had planned, jump at it and put the series on hold.

Wetland Hoar Frost

So what are my plans for 2015?  I'm calling it the Closer to Home year.  I will be exploring more of my local surroundings, from local seascapes to my own 16 acre 'backyard'.  So much is left to capture on this island and I've barely scratched the surface.

Flatrock Harbour
I'm keeping my resources closer to home in terms of a new website and island based reproduction availability in 2015.  With currency conversions flipped from the a strong Canadian dollar to a weaker one, US options are no longer an option.

Cat and dog eye comparisons

I'm expanding my range of workshops and yes finally offering an online workshop in 2015 - I just bought a camcorder specifically for it, so no turning back now!

I'll be having a solo exhibit in June at Peter Lewis Gallery of my series of wooden boat paintings. I will also be looking at gallery opportunities outside the province - not closer to home I know, but exposure and marketing are needed outside this small island to secure visibility and revenue opportunities.

Whatever your plans for 2015, I wish you well and look forward to connecting with you during the year in person, online or through email.  My studio door is always open for artists and collectors to stop by for a coffee or a chat.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Top 10 of 2014

Happy New Year.  I've closed the door on 2014 and am looking forward to a new year full of challenges and opportunities.   Health, happiness and creativity is all I wish for you.  I know for some it can be difficult to find even one of these and especially all three together at times, but we can still wish for them, can't we? Your support as friends, some of who I have never met except virtually, is an important link in achieving the three wishes.  The community of artists and creatives and the network of ideas and support shores up the difficult times and celebrates the successes for each other.  We are never in this alone.

At the end of the year I like to reflect on the paintings that I have created and post my personal favourites.  At the time of painting, each one becomes my favourite, but of course, some resonate with me more than others.  Unfortunately I can't share the paintings I am producing of the wooden boat series, but I have created paintings outside that series during the year and will choose from those.

I'd love to know if my choices mirror any of your favorites.  These are listed in no particular order of favour.  Note the aquatic theme as usual with the odd one out being the portrait of my grand daughter.  I have always enjoyed creating portraits - both the challenge and pleasure of the human form and the unfinished piece captures the movement of a small child.

Summer Line - Sold

Lion Cub  NFS

 Smooch - Sold

Leapfrog  Sold

Hitchhiker - Sold

Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day Christmas Giveaway

December 26th is Boxing Day.  Its origins were rooted in giving, when richer landowners would provide 'boxes' of food or goods to servants and service people.  In Canada and the UK, it is a holiday, an extension of Christmas when relaxation, leftovers and visiting are on the cards.  In some parts of Canada, stores are open again, enticing people in with sales.  To be honest, there is little that could entice into a store me after weeks of shopping in preparation for Christmas.

But in true Boxing Day fashion, I am giving away something today.  Today is the final day of my Christmas Giveaway and I am giving two of my Fishy Bits original prints to a subscriber to my mailing list.  The Fishy Bits prints were created in 2013 in a year long series of monthly relief prints.  Two of the twelve prints will be mailed to Marlene Hamel.  Congratulations.

The series of Fishy Bits prints are still available on my website until January 31st, after which time they will go into archives. Moving into a new year, there are always changes and archives are added to, pieces destroyed or re-purposed and new work starts.  I will be offering the remaining original prints at discounted prices until the end of January.  Make sure you're signed up as subscriber to my mailing list so you don't miss details in the January Studio News.