Friday, February 08, 2019


A couple of times a year I do a clear up and purge of art supplies and old paintings.  I throw out or burn unusable things, give away what I know I'll never use and recycle what can be saved.  I also vow to not buy more supplies than I know I'll use.  Well, I try.  To be honest, I don't buy a lot of random art supplies any more.  I have a pretty strict art supply list that I stick with that consists of oil paints and canvasses and tend to buy in bulk twice a year.  Of course a few "treats" find their way into those orders, using printmaking supplies and a nice fountain pen and ink.  See how easily I get waylaid?

Among the usual stash of pencils, paints and papers that I part company with, there are always starts on canvasses.  They were ideas that never took shape or simply went in the wrong direction.  If they're not textured and if the medium used can be painted over, I reuse them for another piece.  Sometimes, I gesso over the piece, sometimes, as in this one, I draw directly over the old start then paint over it.

This was a start of a flooded path in the woods that didn't inspire me so I turned it upside down and created this dory.  I rather like how the boat form envelops the previous work in its initial stage.

So what does your stash look like?   Do you have a sampling of everything or do you stick with materials that you constantly work with?


RH Carpenter said...

I like this a lot and how it's over the earlier work but looks like it was intentional (the background, I mean). It may seem like I'm always using new materials, I usually stick with my Arches or Fabriano coldpress watercolor paper or some new hotpress I want to try. I use the same pigments in watercolor and acrylics and the same drawing materials. I only go off the grid when I get into printmaking (but still, the same acrylics for that). But an artist has to feel inspired to create (not all the time, but sometimes when you need fresh things to get you going after a rough winter or a dull winter). So I have plenty of things I've bought (just had to have them or needed them for a course taken) which I don't use (like charcoal pencils and sticks and drawing paper) often, but get out once in a while just for a change. If I said I would buy no more art supplies this year until I actually needed a refill on paper or pigment or something, I'd be lying! ha ha

Rose Welty said...

Wow a couple of times a year! I am slacking...I clean out more like every couple of years. I am currently in need of a clean out. I have a big backlog of things I've tried. But do seem to be settling down and buying less random stuff. Hopefully you've inspired me to move forward on my plans....

Jeanette Jobson said...

Reworks or overpaints can spark off ideas and inspire at times, so I'm always game to try to reuse a support.

All artists like to test boundaries and explore techniques, so we all have a variety of art supplies, but over time, we tend to settle into one or two favourites that we try to become proficient in. Perhaps in another life, I'll become proficient in something! I know I learn something new in every painting I do.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Jen, I accidentally deleted your comment. Duh! Sorry.

Lucky you to have been given supplies, its every artist's dream! And so kind of you to pass on supplies that you don't use. You're every other artist's dream person!

Supplies are always tempting, but I'm getting a lot better at random purchases, and am always passing on or getting rid of things that I know I'll never use.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol thats OK :)

I just figure I'm not using them, they cost me nothing but a few quid in fuel to go and get so if there is someone else out there I can help then I will :)