Thursday, June 23, 2016

Seven boats

I've just realized that I didn't share the paintings from my recent group exhibition.  Time got away with me as deadlines for other paintings and projects are looming.  This exhibition was different in that it was a transition from my usual larger gallery pieces.  There were six 12" x 12" and one 24"x 24" in oils available.

The opening on June 10th was busy and fun with lots of people and conversation and a sale for me which is always nice.  The exhibition came down on June 20th, but my pieces are still available at Peter Lewis Gallery and another sold today.

If you're in downtown St. John's, drop in and see the pieces in person as well as art from a variety of local artists.  And if you're not near, you can see a short virtual view of the exhibition on Peter Lewis Gallery Facebook page.

Directionally Challenged - Sold
Wine glasses started to accumulate on the mantel on opening night

Sitting in the Morning Sun - Sold
 A red dot is always nice at an opening

 Left to Right:   The Channel; Off the Collar (sold) ; Veiled (Sold): Tidal Pools (sold)

 Right side painting: Lobster Red - Sold

 Photograph:  Peter Lewis Gallery

Monday, June 20, 2016

All That Glitters

 All That Glitters  -  SOLD
11.5 x 14 graphite on paper

Its been awhile since I did a "real" drawing.  I do lots of sketching and always forget how much I enjoy really getting into a solid drawing until I do one again.  Classical drawing was my background and, as with every artist, we move laterally over time into other areas.  Painting and printmaking sidelined me from drawing as much as once did, so its a pleasure to complete this piece.


I did a study a few weeks ago for this piece in a Moleskine sketchbook, then decided to proceed with the drawing.  Yes, all that water was a little tedious at times, but its part and parcel of making the whole piece work.  Abandonment is the trademark for those who choose it when the going gets tough.  Or boring.

I used Strathmore Windpower paper for this.  The jury is still out on whether or not I really like this paper.  It has a medium grade which was perhaps a little grainy for this drawing, but seems fairly resilient and receptive to pulling out highlights with a kneaded eraser without causing damage.  I used Blackwing 602 and Staedtler 2B and 4B pencils to complete the piece with many, many, many light layers to build values.  Pressure is key to building layers of graphite before you reach saturation point.  The lighter the pressure, the more layers you can achieve and the further back you hold the pencil, the less chance you have of pressing hard and destroying the surface.