Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Bounty Hunter complete

Painting the water and reflections in this second piece have been testing me, but after a late night last night and early start this morning, I was determined to finish it and then make a start on a new piece.

This is the companion piece for the previous The Capelin Catcher and here they are together on the wall of my studio in their resting phase while I consider any adjustments that are needed before the final seal of approval.  There may be more in this series as the summer progresses.

These are 12" x 24" in oil on stretched canvas.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Back into the water

 Refining detail

Block in colour
The Drawing
Because I'm a glutton for punishment or I like painting reflections or because my model had a sister in the water, I thought I'd do a companion piece for the first painting The Capelin Catcher.  This is the same size canvas, 12 x 24" and in oil.

The viewpoint was different and the light on the water revealed a lot of greens in the darker areas that weren't in the first painting.  I'm slowly working my way through the reflections and they're testing me more this time for some reason.  But head down and keep going, right?

This is glimpse of where the piece is at the moment and the drawing and blocking in of it.

I'm contemplating adding more to this series of "capelin people".  I will have to entice more children and adults to venture into the icy Atlantic to pose for me.  Or if you have any images of children or adults with buckets or nets or similar in the water that I can use, I promise a quality reproduction of the finished painting if I use your image.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Capelin Catcher

Nearly a week since I posted!  Time has gotten away with me or perhaps its the warmer weather than tempts me to do other things.  And of course there's always painting to pull me in too.

From the initial concept sketches and some photos I took at Torbay beach last weekend, I concentrated on developing a finished painting of The Capelin Catcher.  The water and the reflections took the most time to complete, rather like working on a giant jigsaw puzzle, putting all those shapes and colours in place.

In complex pieces people often panic and think its difficult to do but the reality is it is simply more time consuming breaking down the piece into sections and shapes and that is what puts people off sometimes.  But you get into a rhythm, almost like pointillism, and it just flows as you fit one section into the other.

I thought I'd share the work in progress from sketches to finished painting in a collage form with the completed piece as the central image.  Its 24" x 12" and in oil on stretched canvas.