Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Capelin Catcher

Nearly a week since I posted!  Time has gotten away with me or perhaps its the warmer weather than tempts me to do other things.  And of course there's always painting to pull me in too.

From the initial concept sketches and some photos I took at Torbay beach last weekend, I concentrated on developing a finished painting of The Capelin Catcher.  The water and the reflections took the most time to complete, rather like working on a giant jigsaw puzzle, putting all those shapes and colours in place.

In complex pieces people often panic and think its difficult to do but the reality is it is simply more time consuming breaking down the piece into sections and shapes and that is what puts people off sometimes.  But you get into a rhythm, almost like pointillism, and it just flows as you fit one section into the other.

I thought I'd share the work in progress from sketches to finished painting in a collage form with the completed piece as the central image.  Its 24" x 12" and in oil on stretched canvas.

8 comments: said...

I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your paintings.

Jeanette said...

Carol, thanks so much for visiting and taking time to leave a note. I had a quick look at your site and your work is glorious.

Happy July 4th (Canada Day here on 1st) :)

laura said...

Really gorgeous, and I love the reflections, which I always have trouble with ... After reading your post, I realize I'm probably not being analytical enough: I will try to take more time to observe and paint next time. Thanks!
And Happy Canada Day!

RH Carpenter said...

I really enjoyed seeing all the steps and almost wish this was a collage piece like you displayed it - some very interesting things going on when you cut it apart and piece it together like that! Well done :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great reflections in the water :)

its really neat seeing the various steps laid out like that

Jeanette said...

Detailed work isn't for everyone Laura and some artists find it tedious. Its something I enjoy at times and love solving the puzzle of shapes and colours.

Thanks Rhonda. It was interesting to see it build from the sidebar progress shots. We all learn from the process right?

Thanks Jen. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with reflections at times, but so worth it in the end.


lots of patience and focus to catch them you've captured that jeanette hair + blues so simple ...really like the collage and wip .

Jeanette said...

Jane, the red hair,simple dress and stance was what appealed to me at first. The reflections weren't even considered at the time, but developed nicely.