Friday, March 06, 2015

Winter Sunshine

 Morning Sun - Sold
6" x 6"

On a cold snowy day, a delivery of sunshine arrived via an anonymous donor.  Three beautiful Bird of Paradise flowers were trudged through the snow and ice with a note saying it hoped they would bring inspiration for a painting.

In late January I completed a small painting of a bird of paradise blossom from an image I had.  These flowers aren't frequent visitors to this part of the world, especially in winter, so to see them in person is quite wonderful.  They are brilliant, tropical colours but have an air of prehistoric plant life to them with sturdy stems and solid flowers.

Paradise - Sold

I found the anonymous culprit, my blogger friend Gary Everest  (Gary L. Everest Paintings).  We had talked about the blossoms after I had painted one and I had assigned him a mission to find a BOP plant to photograph for me in real life, as he and his lovely wife Michele live in Hawaii. Well he went one better and sent me the real thing!  I shall  paint and draw and photograph this plant to death before it expires!  Gary, thank you, you're the best!