Friday, May 09, 2008

Virtual sketches & lists

Here is a sampler of the life and landscape of Newfoundland.

Rose Welty and I have banded together, along with several other people to participate in another virtual sketch. I have provided the image this time and we will work on it over the next week and post it on Sunday May 18th.

It is interesting to see each person's approach to a drawing, whether they keep it as a simple sketch or turn it into a more elaborate drawing.

If anyone else is interested in joining in on this project, just contact me or Rose and provide your email address, then the reference image will be sent to you. Its that simple.

Participants: - Updated 5/15/08
Jeanette, Rose, Jeanne, Stacy, Belinda, Jennifer, Gayle, Teresa, Katherine and Paulette.

This weekend I have to knuckle down and complete some tasks. The list is getting longer and I know there'll never be enough time, but I'll try to see what I can accomplish.
  1. Finish the drawing workshop presentation
  2. Start a new drawing lesson for an online site
  3. Work on the 1460 self portrait
  4. Start a rough of the virtual sketch
  5. Revamp my artist statement and bio
  6. Create the thumbnail and rough in shapes for the right side of my symbolic self portrait
  7. Prep for teaching a private lesson next week
  8. Develop and order new marketing materials


Jennifer Rose said...

I would like to participate. But is the image of a person? I really can't draw people that well so would probably just be a stick figure :p

Jeanette said...

Its not a person this time Jennifer. Its an animal.

If you're interested, send me your email address at jeanettejobson at gmail dot com and I'll send the reference to you.

Rose Welty said...

Somehow I just knew what your image would be Jeanette...and I've been dreading it. This will be a real stretch for me!!!

Fun, all good fun, but a stretch!

Jeanette said...

If the image really gives you the horrors Rose, I can always provide an alternative :) But its good to be stretched and draw things you don't normally do sometimes.

Paulette said...

Hi Jeanette, I wouldn't mind jumping in on this. I'll send you my email.
Great job with the self portrait!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Paulette, as soon as you send me your email address, I'll send you the reference.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

What a fabulous film - my, those cliffs are big! It reminds me of parts of the west coast of Scotland and parts of Ireland.

I've heard what your subject is and I'd like to join in so I'll be dropping you a line.