Friday, May 26, 2006


In February this year, I became surrogate mother to a gosling who was named Blizzard as he/she hatched out in the midst of a severe blizzard. Unfortunately none of Blizzard's eggmates hatched, making him an orphan. What else could I do but adopt the little creature. I did learn the following from being a goose mother:

1. Geese don't make good indoor pets
2. Geese imprint strongly on their caregiver
3. Geese LOVE water baths in front of the fireplace
4. Geese love to snuggle.
5. Geese need paper towel diapers before they snuggle.
6. Geese are as demanding as a two year old.
7. Geese are very lovable as babies - not quite so when they grow up and assert themselves.

.I was looking through some photos of Blizzard and me tonight and decided to do a drawing of his favourite spot - snuggled under my fleece. He's go in there, snuggle down and go to sleep. Heat and dark does wonders for babies. This sketch is the start of a drawing

Blizzard, by the way, is now living with some friends and ducks and is thriving. He/she is a brown Chinese goose.

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Katherine said...

Jeanette - this is going to be a wonderful drawing. Who was that bloke who used to do all those studies about geese - his name began with a K and I think his surname began with an L - Karl Lorenz???

Jeanette Jobson said...

I don't know these geese studies. I'll have to do a search on it and have a 'gander' - sorry, couldn't resist. :o)

I thik I'll turn this one into a real drawing. I like the composition here and the direct look. Right now, I've erased the eyes completely and am redoing them. Its not me that's emerging. Who, I don't know, but its not me. But I still like it.