Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Making it worthwhile

On days like today when my job feels like crap and I hate every moment of it; when I feel like my life is going nowhere and my art not far behind it; when I feel old and fat and tired and not in the mood to write or draw, I stumble across a comment from someone on my blog or in an email that tells me they enjoy what I'm doing and it makes the effort worthwhile.

Days like today are a challenge. People and demands pull at me from all sides and trying to fit a large load of work into a small space in preparation of some time away always brings a level of stress that always catches me offguard with its intensity and how it affects me. It leaves me drained and uncomfortable and wishing that everything tiresome in my life would disappear, leaving me to just get on with the things that I enjoy doing.

Unfortunately life is never that simplistic as an adult. I have to show all sides of myself, from worker to mother to daughter and so on. Sometimes I think I'll grab the wrong hat and provide the wrong response to the wrong person. Who will be more surprised then?

I haven't had a chance to draw anything today. Well, that's a lie, I did add more layers to a coloured pencil drawing around 5am this morning. If the computer and camera decide to cooperate I may even have an update tomorrow.

Meanwhile I will show you an image that I completed earlier this year as part of a CP class I participated in. It was a learning experience and provided its own set of challenges in what proved to be an interesting image. The result came out more like a watercolour, soft colours giving the patina of age to the Venetian scene. I secretly call it "Mother in law Door'. For those people in your life that you kindly open the door for - oops wrong door. I can think of a couple of people who would appreciate such a door about now.

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Katherine said...

This has got such a strong sense of the way these doors look in Venice and that water is sooooo wet! CPs can be made to behave so like watercolour at times it's almost unreal! :)

I hate finishing jobs as I always feel worn out by the time I've tied up all the loose ends and left everything neat and tidy for the next person. After that, 'going away' is the next major stress-inducer - particularly that bit, when flying, when you weigh the suitcase and decide the art supplies shop that's in there just has to be reduced - but you've only got 5 minutes to do it!!! EEK You have my sympathy - I hope the trip is worth the angst!

Jeanette Jobson said...

I haven't visited Venice, but its on my list of places I must see. Soon I hope.

Yes, I plan and replan in my head what art supplies I can take with me easily and still leave room for clothes and purchases or - what else - more art supplies!

JILLY said...

I just found my way to your site. And I think I will frequent more often. I noticed someone found their way to my blog via yours and was flattered to see my site included in a list of artists, although I suspect it was more of the "interesting sites" as I don't post hardly enough art - something I am hoping will change in 26 days. Although there is a piece on my so called easel screaming at me to be finished. I have been moving a little towards photography, since the acquition of a very nice digital camera - instant art!

I love art, local and classic. And was once quite the student of art and art history. My skills are devastatingly rusty. Your expressions are so lovely. And I look forward to viewing more!

Do you show in the city?

Jeanette Jobson said...

Jilly, I have visited your site and while it may not be art related it is very interesting and amusing. I think whenever someone adds the NL Blogroll logo to their site, it links in others on the list too. And that's a good thing. Keep up with the art, Newfoundland needs all the creative spirits that it can have. :o)

No, I haven't shown in the city. I'm busy building a portfolio and will approach some galleries late in the year when I have enough amassed to do something with.

Mireille Sampson said...

Keep going. I'm in the same boat (putting together a portfolio). If you love it you just keep doing it, ignoring the bad days.

You certainly know how to handle WC. Good luck.