Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Older is better sometimes

Its funny how I am pulled back to older things in life. Its not a premature reminiscence of days gone by I don't think, but more a feeling that things of the past are more substantial and real than what I am offered currently.

That applies to art too. Yes, there is some beautiful work being created daily but I only have to look at some of the master artists' work from the 15 or 16th century to realize just what talent they possessed and how they plied their trade in the face of much more adversity.

With that in mind, I would like to recreate a painting done some time ago. The Art Renewal Centre is a site that I browse frequently for inspiration. William Bouguereau is one of my favourite artists and the simplicity of figures in his work appeals to be greatly. The work that I have started of his is called La Soif - translated as The Thirst.

Here is the initial line drawing. Its 11 x 14 and I will try it in coloured pencil. Don't hold your breath for updates quite yet as time is a real challenge for me at this time of year.

Animals, greenhouse and life take precedence many times, but I will always make room for drawing, it soothes the soul and keeps me sane.

Another challenge is the self portrait marathon from Crackskull Bob's site. A self portrait a week between June 8 and July 8th. I have found self portraits to be revealing as you never really know anything or anyone until you try to recreate them on paper or canvas. Each self portrait that I've done looks different than the last. I tried my hand at yet another today and find that, yes, its another version of me. A new day, a new me. Interesting. Self portraits show the world who you are or who you think you are. They are a unique record of the passage of time. Here is today's version of me. And to prove a point about each drawing being diffent, here are a couple for comparison, all done within the last six months.

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Katherine said...

You're getting really really good at self-portraits! [clappies]

What size mirror do you use? I always found that to be one of the key logistical issues whenever I wanted to do a self-portrait.

Jeanette Jobson said...

I use the mirror in my bathroom or one in a spare bedroom. The challenge is with fading eyesight. I can't use my glasses to draw but need them to see detail far away. Its a compromise. I use the larger mirror then get things like eye detail in a hand mirror. Probably why every drawing turns out differently! :o)