Thursday, June 29, 2006


Many years ago I was introduced to sculpture through Tom Greenshields. Tom helped me discover the concepts of clay modelling and casting, though I never did really take to it. Tom, however, was the master and created many beautiful bronze pieces, one of which was my youngest daughter. At the age of three, she was the right size and shape and posed for a number of sculptures that Tom did, one of which Tom gave to me after it was cast. Unfortunately, in travels the arm broke and was lost. I must get it repaired or order a new one.

The other piece of sculpture that I own was a gift from someone that I found a job for in Cape Dorset. It was a summer lifeguard job for a student who worked with me one year. He used to phone every few days just to speak to someone familiar I think, due to the isolation of that northern community. When he returned to Newfoundland, he brought this little bear with him. It sits on my bookcase and is so smooth and silky and is often picked up and stroked. There is no number on it or identifying mark to trace the artist who created it, but it continues to live with me and brings back memories always.

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Mallika said...

Are both those pieces of your daughter? They're beautiful. The one where she's stretching up to place her elbows against the cup really caught my eye. There's something about the pose that made it so ... graceful and very artsy yet so natural. Mr. Greenshields is wonderfully talented.

I think the beat sculpture is really cute!

Mallika said...

I meant "bear" sculpture. Heh. :)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Yes they both are my daughter. They were both water-related. The first being her stretching up to play in the water in a bathroom sink. That was subsequently enlarged to become a birdbath garden sculpture. The second was her lying on her tummy at the edge of Tom's swimming pool, running her hand through the water.

The flip side of the bear (which I should have shown) has one of his legs drawn up as if he's running.

Mary said...

The two sculptures of you daughter are so gracious and I love the bear also.

John Lawton said...
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John Lawton said...

It's been 10 years since you made your original posting, but if you are still looking to buy a replacement for the sculpture of your daughter reaching up to the birdbath, then I have one to sell.

My dad bought it from Renate Greenshields when they became friends in Weymouth many years ago. My dad ran a local talking newspaper for the blind, which Renate subscribed to. My dad interviewed Renate after she published her book, Lucky Girl Goodbye, and as a consequence became good friends. My dad bought several of Tom's sculptures, which he passed on to me before he died.

If you are interested in buying the piece, please let me know -