Friday, September 15, 2006

Giving back

Sometimes life has a way of picking up speed and moving ahead as if a secret plan that you didn't really know about starts falling into place. That is what it feels like this week.

The start of the drawing class, building my portfolio and today a chance to make some more contacts through a dog-related event on Sunday. There is a rescue organization that I wrote about awhile ago called Beagle Paws that I know of and have, indirectly used, having found a few beagles wandering into my land. They have a no kill policy and rehouse beagles to good homes. I will set up a table at their event on Sunday afternoon - Pooches in the Park - and display some of my animal portraits along with the usual brochures and information. I will also provide coupons that, if presented at the time of commissioning a portrait, will ensure that Beagle Paws receives 10% of the proceeds. I haven't decided on the final timeframe for this venture, perhaps a couple of months leading up to Christmas.

I work for a charity and know how hard funds are to come by, so doing this, even if it may be a small amount of money that is generated does provide something and I know it goes to a worthy cause.

To amuse myself between talking to people on Sunday I will be drawing a portrait in either derwent drawing pencils or coloured pencils on site. It will highlight beagles - the stars of the show and people usually find it interesting to watch the progress of a portrait and I DO need to do something while I am there.

I have completed the line drawing for this image and will transfer it onto Stonehenge paper tomorrow, then start the sculpting on Sunday. The photograph of the master drawing is awful and its dark and I couldn't be bothered to start up the computer that has the scanner attached. Next scan will be better - I promise!

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Anonymous said...

How adorable!!! I love animals!

Mallika said...

You're such a kind person, you know that? :)

That beagle is incredibly cute.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Isn't she sweet? This is Bonnie. What a face huh?

Thank you Mallika. I think its only fair to give back a bit to the community and to an organization that does good work.