Saturday, September 09, 2006


There are days when I do make progress, despite interruptions and other areas of life that take my attention. Today I made a concerted effort to add some more layers to the drawing of the golden retriever. Its starting to take shape now so I will start sculpting the shapes now, adding mid and dark tones. I put down some colour in the background but I'm not pleased with it so far. And now I wish I hadn't added any at all, but its too late to go back, so I have to continue on with it. I'm sure it will improve with more layers (I hope).

Today I wandered around the farm, picking more tomatoes from the greenhouse and some sugar peas from the vegetable bed to add to tonight's supper. There are still lots of grapes despite a number of people arriving for a 'pick your own' adventure. The Pinot Noir grapes have some colour now too. They're a beautiful blue with that wonderful dusty bloom that dark fruit has. They're more a painting in the making than something to be picked and eaten.

Jalapenos are coming thick and fast too, and will be dried or frozen. I'll make a number of them into 'poppers'. I split them just enough to take out the seeds, add a piece of sharp cheese to the middle, then wrap the pepper in bacon and bake in the oven. They're so good. Too good...

Cayenne peppers are growing well too but show no signs of turning red yet. Next month perhaps they'll ripen as will the jalapenos if I leave them on the plants that long. Its rather nice to have some red jalapenos as well as the more common green ones. They're a little hotter when they're red I think and the colour is just beautiful.

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seastartrue said...

The dog is coming along beautifully. The eyes are lovely. I think I kind of understand your concerns with the background. It seems you need a rather dark background to show off the light dog. I may be wrong.

Your garden and what you are going sounds really fun. I've heard of poppers but haven't ever tried them. I like salsa and peppers, but I'm kind of a wimp.

Thanks for posting your art, I really enjoy seeing it.