Friday, September 01, 2006


Technology is taken for granted until it goes wrong. Like tonight. I started my notebook and it was doing its thing very nicely then suddenly a big blue error screen appeared and told me the sky was falling and the only way to save myself was to reboot. But it wouldn't let me reboot as it was locked up.

After some Anglo Saxon persuasion I managed to reboot it and it started again, with another little message telling me there had been a serious error - no shit?? - and I should do a variety of complex tasks to the guts of the machine to make things right with the God of Notebooks. I did a adware check and cleared out old files and hope that will appease the gods for the moment. If not, I'll have to start sacrificing chickens again...

Its those tasks of backing up files and saving things on cd that we put off and put off until suddenly something happens that jeopardizes their security and it sends us frantically saving everything we can. Life is like that too. We never know what we have until it is in danger of slipping away. Unfortunately, unlike backing up information, backing up life isn't quite so simple, however the resulting losses are even more devastating.

There is a little technology in this photo - horsepower in a couple of senses both in the tractor engine and in the hay. Kit nickers in delight when she sees piles of hay for her. She's such a greedy girl. The sketch of a wasp on a flower was completed a couple of weeks ago.

Wasps are what are preventing a number of things being completed around the farm. One big wasp nest is under the front steps that need to be replaced, several others are in the woodpile, preventing it being moved with danger to life and limb. Once the weather gets colder, they'll have moved on and can be safely removed.

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