Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Katherine's Moose

Katherine Tyrrell requested a moose photograph. Ever willing to oblige, here are a couple.

To explain, I live in the woods (yes,just like little Red Riding Hood - or did she just visit??). Anyway, being in the depths of the woods, we get a lot of visitors, such as squirrels, coyotes, foxes, mink, birds galore and of course the ever present moose.

In Newfoundland, the moose is an introduced species without a natural predator. Smme are taken by bears annually and more by hunters but the population is rapidly approaching a 1-3 ratio compared to the population of the island. While I have a soft spot in my heart for all animals and even moose, they can be a nuisance and make driving at night a real hazard in the province. The size of the animal and its long legs makes hitting one in a car a recipe for disaster for people and the moose.

So for you Katherine, here are some of the moose visitors. The first was just outside my dining room window, munching on rosehips just as dawn broke. The second is a yearling moose that became a daily visitor this summer. At about a year old the mothers drive the calves away in preparation for the next one's arrival. This little guy (well not that little) was rather dazed and confused, poor thing. So he hung around here and everywhere I went, he popped up rather like a large dog!.

The third image is another moose polishing off the rest of the cabbages in the field while the muscovy ducks looked on from their vantage point on the trailer.

Any other animal requests? I don't do bears...

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am-art said...

Your life sounds so idyllic. I envy you enormously. I should say thank you to Katherine too for requesting moose pictures as they are great!

Jeanette Jobson said...

It has its moments Anita I will agree, but a lot of work goes into the illusion. I wouldn't trade it for city life however.

Katherine said...

Thank you so much Jeanette - I was hoping to see a moose while in New England but the closest I got was being at a place where everybody was surprised that a moose had visited a week earlier!

Is this a baby moose or a mummy moose as it seems so much smaller than i was expecting. I thought they came with big antlers like deer - or is that just the alpha male?

BTW I love my regular dose of animals on your blog.

(PS Tyrrell has two 'r's. Lots of people spell it with only one but my ancestors decided they wanted to be different! ;) )

Jeanette Jobson said...

Katherine, the baby moose is the photo in the middle, the yearling. The other images are of female moose. Yes, the bull moose do have large racks of antlers, but I'm too scared to get anywhere near them as they are HUGE! The cows are unpredictable enough, the bulls can be aggressive, the calves just plain goofy.

My typo for your surname, my apologies - it was getting late and my typing skills are legendary. Tyrrell it is.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed not to provide moose for Katherine when she visited us in Maine. But we live in the 'burbs! No moose here!

Your photos are simply gorgeous--and that's about the right distance I want to keep between me and car-crumpling moose.

Jeanette Jobson said...

I don't always appreciate them in my backyard Kathy. I prefer them to keep their distance.

I'm glad you enjoyed the images.

Terry Banderas said...

I figured you live in a beautiful country setting and these moose pictures prove it. I enjoy your site and comments. Enjoy your weekend.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks for stopping by Terry and for your comments. It is lovely here I have to admit. One of the world's best kept secrets :o)

Funkyewe said...

Holy Moose! That is so funny to read about the young moose "popping up like a large dog. It would be a still moment to see one of these in my far one hasn't wandered over here yet ;) I still prefer my friendly alpacas and llama. At least I know they won't charge me.