Friday, November 24, 2006

Airport Scenes

Spending time in airports and on airplanes can be mindnumbingly boring but it can also provide opportunities to draw and watch people as well which makes time move more quickly. Drawing also creates conversations. Sometimes they are not the ones you want and cause me to lose the flow of what I am drawing. People like to look at things that are being created and offer opinions and to date I haven't had someone say anything I was doing was awful, even if I knew it was pretty suspect at the time. Its part of that game you play with strangers where best behaviours are presented and politeness rules.

These are a sample of sketches in sequence of my day of travel.

I brought a new Moleskine with me on my trip but only managed to capture airport scenes. In meetings and restaurants there wasn't an opportunity to draw without causing undue attention - or getting fired.

There were elements of places and people that I would have liked to capture. Little booths in pubs, panoramic penthouse views of Montreal, expressive faces and actions. I'll have to translate them from my mind to paper and hope memory doesn't differ too much from reality.

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