Sunday, November 12, 2006

Simple Bliss

Today I visited The Rooms to see the newly opened Mary Pratt exhibition - Simple Bliss. I love her realism and colour and incredible use of light in depicting everyday life in domestic scenes. Her paintings glow with colour and light and the detail is exquisite.

One of the exhibition pieces are eleven process prints and a tracing that illustrate the time consuming and precise print making process. The detail of the master line drawing was incredible and it was very interesting to see the process.

The Rooms themselves are spacious with no money spared in sumptuous flooring, intricate lighting and breathtaking views of the harbour and city. They house the museum, art gallery, and archives for the province. It dominates the skyline of the city now and is, in my my opinion, rather ill placed, being right in the centre of downtown St. John's, turning the previous skyline into miniatures by its towering presence. I did take some photos from the atrium and upper balconies of the view but they were on my cell phone camera and I still haven't figured out how to transfer them to my computer. Once I read the manual - and understand it, I will be able to upload them I hope.

For now, I still see Mary Pratt's images in my head and continue to examine and re-examine how she creates these wonderful images.


Anonymous said...

love your blog!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks east, lovely to have you visit.

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