Monday, February 26, 2007


There has been far too much snow this month with storm after storm appearing, dumping endless amounts of the white stuff so that it feels like driving and walking in tunnels. These photos give you an idea of just how much has mounted. This is the back of the house and the snow is nearly up to the dining room and kitchen windows which are normally about 7 feet above ground level.

The snow is over the top of the fence and half way up the arbour so unless you have snowshoes it would be impossible to walk in it.

I bought some large (22 x 30)sheets of Mi-Tientes and chose a dark blue to make a start on the stone arch last night. The photo taken this morning wasn't in the best quality light. I've done another 40 minutes work on the drawing tonight but can't seem to get going on it. I've forgotten just how dusty and messy pastel can be. The initial colour study for this piece was done with pastel pencils and now with the main piece I'm using an ancient set of pastels - I'm not even sure of the brand anymore - which have a different range of colours than the pencils so there's a bit of experimenting going on here to get the right values and tones.

More updates will come as the layers go on.

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