Friday, February 23, 2007


While I was in California last week, I was able to meet an online artist friend, Robin. Doing so was a unique, wonderful experience and I am so pleased that she was able to free up some time to share with me. Robin took me to Laguna Beach where we wandered on the soft, cool sand and marvelled at the colours and shapes of the sea and the rocks around us before exploring the shops and galleries in town then having lunch.

I still can't afford that $56,000 sculpture no matter how much I love it...

Some of the images that I took on the beach will translate into paintings and drawings so easily. I only wish I could magically return to capture the changing colours in the water and the landscape. I will have to rely on my memory and the photos to recreate the colours that appeared there. It will be interesting to do a similar study of the Atlantic ocean. The colours in the Atlantic seem cooler - greys, navy, blue, green, reflecting a rocky coastline, where the Pacific seems to reflect the sandy lighter bottom and pale sky. I will have to choose my subject carefully to find a similar scene for comparison painting. It should be an interesting exercise. This is a photo of the coast in Pouch Cove, about 7km north east where I used to live overlooking the sea.

But right now I will have to make do with snow scenes as I doubt I can get near a beach or waterfront as there's so much snow down and more forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Another month of winter then spring should try to make push forward. Heat is in the future, I just can't see it quite yet.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun day that was. Now I wish I could travel your way. You never know.. but I think I would prefer spring or summer please.