Monday, March 05, 2007

Mango madness

Its not only the thistle that is prickly today. Perhaps its the time of year or the cold grey days of winter that cause it, but everyone seems to have their tales of woe today. In Australia in Darwin, the northern section, in the midst of the hottest months from September to December, there is something called 'mango madness'. Tempers flare, air conditioning breaks down, people end up in court...

Well I think there is a 'snow madness' that occurs in northern climates that is similar. Its a cross between cabin fever, mountains of snow, hypothermic weather and lack of light that causes people to lose rationale thinking.

Sketch in 7 x 10 notebook, pen and ink and coloured pencil.

Winter teaches us about detachment, numbness. But it’s
a way to get through. From winter we learn silence and
acceptance and the stillness thickens.
- Gail Barison, The Winter Solstice of my Soul


paris parfait said...

Lovely sketch of the thistle! And you're so right about the weather. We never had snow in Paris this winter, which was very strange. And now that spring is coming early, that feels strange too.

Amuse said...

I agree fully about the snow!!! It's minus 31 in Montreal right now and my "madness" has been to start a blog after humming and hawing for a few months. I really enjoy perusing your artwork! I had a cat named Whisper who looked just like yours on the couch. Can you give me any tips for cutting and pasting from my computer onto my blog? I have drawings and photos I want to add to my page and I can't get it to work. Good luck with the snow!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Paris. The weather is strange everywhere this year it seems. I can only wish for early spring. I envy you that.

Amuse, brrrrrrr -31 - that's chilly! Good for you for starting a blog, it becomes addictive and I'm sure you'll enjoy it tremendously.

As for transferring your files, its pretty straightforward. Click on the little picture image in your blog post and a window will pop up, letting you browse your computer to find the file you wish to transfer. Choose your file, then click on upload and it will appear in your blog. Click on 'done' and its complete! Good luck with it. :o)

Billie Crain said...

great observations about winter and it's effects, Jeanette. every year i swear i'll make good use of this season and use the extra time spent inside away from the cold to just create. and every winter my creativity freezes over like the landscape. by March i'm fit to be tied with all the bleakness. it's hard to explain to folks that live in warmer climes.