Thursday, July 26, 2007

Drawing fur and commissions

Tiger fur Study
4 x 4, graphite
copyright Jeanette Jobson 2007

One of my favourite things to draw are animals and of course they are covered in fur. Drawing fur or hair is another of those perceived difficulties that make people steer away it. But like most areas of difficulty, its more a matter of closely observing how the hair grows, the subtle changes in values and colours and how the individual hairs create the dense coat and follow the form of the animal.

I have been studying how to draw animal fur and animal's component parts for as long as I have been drawing them. It seems there is always something new for me to learn from another artist who's talents enthrall me. I love realism in animal portraits and the fine detail intriques me and keeps me interested up until the very last pencil stroke.

Close up crop - The Artist's Cat
copyright Jeanette Jobson 2007

There are some creme de la creme animal artists that I refer to constantly when drawing animals. Each person has their own style, and I learn something from each of them when I view their work or read their words.

Drawing animal portraits is as fraught with concerns as is any other commissioned piece of work. Dealing with clients, achieving the likeness and spirit of the animal and feeling happy that you have provided the best that you can produce are all things artists struggle with for each commission.

Top 5 tips for pet portrait artists - from Rebecca at Art Dog Blog. Visit Art Dog Blog for the expanded list.

#1 Remember that the client is always right.
#2 Listen well
#3 To proof or not to proof?
#4 Project Reports
#5 Ask your clients to help you

Additional tips were provided from Karen Weller:
#1 More information is better than not enough.
#2 Treat each customer like gold.

From Linda O'Neill

#3 "Take great care in packing and shipping
#4 " Gladly offer to do some minor revisions once you present the final
#5 "In addition to that...include something extra

Rebecca has also put together 5 tips for commissioning a pet portrait. Oh such sage advice to those who want a portrait of their animal. Visit Rebecca's blog to see the full details.

#1 Remember that in most cases you do not pay an artist by the hour.
Faster does not equal better.
#2 A question of decor, will it match the sofa?
#3 A good photograph makes all the difference ...shoot, shoot and shoot again
#4 Choosing an artist
#5 Order your holiday gift giving pet portraits in the summer


~Gina said...

Hi Jeanette,
I'm an artist living in Newfoundland as well. Just wanted so say that I love your pet portraits!


Jeanette said...

Gina, fabulous to see another artist from Newfoundland here! And thank you, I'm glad you enjoy the pet portraits, do stay in contact.