Saturday, September 15, 2007


I started this drawing today and haven't quite decided yet where it will go. It is from an old photo of me taken when I was 21 months old. The photo is reasonably clear but does not have the detail that would be in a photograph taken today. However, its a lot better than some I've seen. I'm deciding whether to use it as part of a teaching class or just go ahead and turn it into a painting or some sort of coloured drawing.

I had done a little coloured pencil experiment with it some time ago on a form of drafting film. I hadn't found a source of the correct film at that point, so the experiment was on a harder, thicker version of Mylar and didn't come out quite as I wanted. With the photo in black and white, I created the colours from my imagination and from some vague, sketchy memory of furniture and colours that I was often dressed in as a child.

I'll play with it for awhile and decide where it takes me. Today obviously isn't a painting day for me. I tried two oils so far today and trashed both. They turned into muddy messes so I figured it was best to go on to some other mediums instead. Tomorrow's another day.

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