Thursday, October 04, 2007

Flowers and babies

Cerinthe Kiwi Blue
coloured pencil 9 x 12
copyright Jeanette Jobson

I've finished the cerinthe flower piece and am fairly pleased with it. I really have a block up when it comes to drawing flowers, but I'm trying to push past it. I'll have to try a few other mediums and see if I can get a feel for it. Whatever roads I venture down, I always seem to come back to my comfort zone - portraits of animals and people.

This is a terrible photo, but I was pressed for time and was using artificial light. I will try again in natural light. It looks completely different in real life. Its one of the bears of electronic imaging, the colours and clarity just never are the same unless its professionally done.

24 hours into their visit, I've been left in sole charge of my eight month old grand daughter and she's been very kind to me. Not crying, drinking her bottle then going off to sleep for the night with barely five minutes of squeaking.

So good you get her twice. Yes, grandmothers are allowed to be obnoxious and bombard people with grandchildren photos.

Now I need to get down to the serious stuff. I have a promotion board to complete, flyers for the kids class in October and supply lists for the courses I will teach in November. And a little work for the Art Association. All for tomorrow. No pressure, noooooo, not a bit.


"JeanneG" said...

I don't know why you have such a fear of flowers. Yours turn out just as nice as the other stuff you do.

That baby just gets cuter all the time. I love the startled look of the first.

Anonymous said...

Your flower drawing is great, love the soft tones of the colours...look forward to seeing some more.
Baby is soooo cute....there you go, a model for you to sketch from.

Jeanette said...

I guess I'm just not a big flower person when it comes to drawing them Jeanne. But a little concentration and I'll get over the hump.

She's such a camera ham, its funny. When she hears the little click when the digital camera focuses, she stops everything and stares into the camera. I think I'll get a few good shots while she's here. :)

Thanks pencilwizard. I'll try my hand at a some more flowers soon. And yes, I hope to get some good images to use for portraits of my grand daughter.

Terry Banderas said...

Nice post. Your flower rendering is nice. Cute baby. Now we need to see grandmother holding the baby.

Mary said...

Jeanette your grandaughter is just gorgeous and I know how much you are enjoying this.

The flowers is lovely and has your delicate and soft magic touch.

Billie Crain said...

i sure wish i could see your cerinthe CP IRL, Jeanette. it looks wonderful on my screen.

your granddaughter is adorable! sounds like she's used to being in front of a camera, too! i'm so glad your first night solo with her went so well.:-)

Katherine said...

My goodness what a little charmer - she's absolutely gorgeous! I was going to say I could clearly see the genes coming through but I don't want you getting big-headed! ;):D

Do post that flower again when you get a moment - I'd love to see it in better light - it looks as if it's a very sensitive drawing.