Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cat update

I've added a bit more fur to the cat face I started in a demo a couple of weeks ago, but things are slow going lately. I'll catch up!

I was asked how I felt about teaching art, as it involves both sides of the brain trying to compete with each other. The right side of the brain is doing a drawing demonstration while the left side is explaining what I'm doing. Well, its a struggle and there are moments when one side or the other take over exclusively, then reverse roles. It becomes a little confusing, but I think I'm getting the hang of it and as long as the gaps aren't too long, no one notices.

I've been playing with a beta version of some software for another online course that I will teach later this year. I'm hoping that course will be delayed a little to allow me time to get up and running with the other courses. I've just submitted my courses for December and now have to create marketing pieces for them as well as the November classes. I have my website in the back of my head and must make some calls this week to find out hosting costs locally. Its not a necessity but is expected by a lot of people to be the calling card and gallery to show my work.

Now back to the drawing board, literally as I need some demos for classes this weekend.

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