Monday, November 12, 2007


Blog posting may be more sporadic for the next week as I'm in Saskatchewan for meetings and to spend a couple of days with my daughter. I'll try to fit in some sketching and some photos when I can to share and keep for the future. I love the old grain elevators here and they are more a rarity now with farms closing.

I'm in the process of writing some lessons for an online class. I've done this before, but its always a challenge as the left and right sides of the brain compete for attention at the same time. I have to separate the two tasks and its usually the drawing part initially and I draw a bit then explain what I just did in language that I hope people will understand. I've been doing snippets in planes and airports today as I try to play catch up on the backlog.

I did get three pieces into the City of St. John's art procurement program and will have to wait til the 21st of November to find out if any were chosen. Even then, I have to check online as they don't contact individuals who have applied as there are too many I'm told. At worst, they will reject them all and I'm ok with that. It gets my name and work out there and you never know who is on the jury.


ShiriMe! said...

hi jeanette. thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. i am contantly amazed by the online interaction that occurs with blogging. and i've certainly grown to enjoy the concept of PIF within weeks.

and yes, you are the first to join! please send your address to dreamernvixen [at] yahoo [dot] com. (please do not forget the letter 'n' in the middle of my email addy.)

let me know what sort of item you are hoping to receive. would you like a notebook? a card set? (i'm a bit insecure about my work because i'm fairly new to sharing my amateur work with people i do not know and your comment was a nice boost in confidence!)

also, do you happen to have any spots available for your PIF?

have fun in saskat------ (hmm... i need to learn to spell longer names)

Terry Banderas said...

Like your new pix.

Jeanette said...

Blogging does open up borders doesn't it? And PIF has many forms that can spread quickly.

I will send you my mailing info tomorrow (wireless is a little tenuous where I am now :))

You shouldn't feel at all insecure about your work, its fabulous. I've been eyeing up your notebooks and would love one of them if you'd like to share.

And yes, there is one space left on my PIF if you want to join in. I'd love to share some work with you.

Canadian names are sometimes based on old North American indian names and Saskatchewan's no different. Just created to challenge spellers lol

Hi Terry, glad you enjoy it.

ShiriMe! said...

Oh, great! I'd love to get a piece of your work. I think it's so much more valuable when something is made by someone and clearly these blogging sites are a confirmation of that.

I'll whip up a few notebooks for you and will hopefully get them ready in time for the holidays. That'll be a nice surprise! :)

Let me know where to ship it (take your time) and let me know where to email you my address as well.

As for North American Indian names... I just don't understand where the spelling came from. I highly doubt the Indians used romanized alphabets!

Take care,