Thursday, December 06, 2007


My work days seem to get longer and longer lately, at least for the job that is the main earner. My art work is still trying to catch up and not doing too badly this month. But tonight I didn't get home til around 7:30. I had a late conference call then out into traffic and snow.

When it snows, mystery traffic seems to materialize. A person without snow tires or an accident, and everything comes to a grinding halt for what seems like eternity. There wasn't that much snow on the ground, perhaps 5 -10cm but it made driving slick in places especially when you hit the snow outside the furrows left by other cars on the road. I do dislike winter, and especially dislike driving in snow.

On weekends I teach drawing to children and have to have something - or things - up my sleeve to keep their interest, so this weekend it will be anime/manga drawing. I don't have much experience in drawing these kind of figures, but the concept seems pretty straight forward and the techniques of drawing anything is still the same, so this is what I'll be tackling. They're strange creatures, these doe-eyed figments of imagination, but children and teens seem to think they're wonderful. Everything goes through phases and this no doubt will be the same.


Billie Crain said...

i do know a lot of people tend to love anime even though i'm not much of a fan myself. it's interesting that this style originated in Japan where people of this culture have the most beautiful almond shaped eyes yet anime characters remind me of those paintings of the 70's(?) with the kids with those huge round eyes. what's up with that?

Tracy Hall said...

My kids adore manga, Jeanette, I think this is an excellent choice for your class - they'll be hooked! You've done a terrific job with it.

Jeanette said...

I guess its different. I can't say I'm a fan, but drawing is drawing. I don't know how the large round eyes came into being Billie. Forever youthful look perhaps?

Thanks Tracy, I'll show a coloured version when I have something done that doesn't look too weird. Hey! All the figures are odd, what am I saying?? :)

Katherine said...

When I was young I thought Dan Dare looked a bit odd!

I think that's a super manga drawing Jeanette. Are you doing Hokusai next? ;)