Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chrome balls update

I've been dotting away at this pen and ink drawing over the last week and am slowly getting to a point of completion. The technique is quite relaxing to me and I can get lost in it very easily, not noticing how time slips away.

I have to wrap my mind around some marketing for the drawing classes to keep up the flow of participants. The store where I offer the classes doesn't do anything more than generic marketing for the drawing classes, so it becomes a bit of a challenge to work around all the other things there to capture people's attention.

I'm planning a blitz this month and next in the form of bag inserts and brochures as well as displays to hang in prominent areas in the hopes of attracting people to the courses. There are a steady flow of people, but numbers vary from week to week. I'd rather teach on a larger scale, as its just as much work to teach for one as it is for ten people, and economically to my benefit if I have more participants in the classes.

By the time I did a double class today and got home it was 3:30 and had turned cold again, so Flatrock plein air wasn't a reality this weekend, even if my intentions were good. However, I may take some photos on my drive to work in the mornings this week. I love the light in the early morning and there are a number of interesting places to photograph for reference, even if I can't linger too long. There's always next weekend...


Paulette said...

These are really looking good!

Anonymous said...

I love this chrome balls drawing, it is very striking...reminds me of similar drawings that I have seen using marbels....all those shiny reflective surfaces must be a challenge methinks!!!

Cindy said...

Hi Jeanette! Checking out all your wonderful and creative work.

These "stippled" chrome balls are my favs, I think.

Good luck on attracting more students for your classes. It seems you have oodles to offer your students, should they be lucky enough to attend your classes.