Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I liked the shapes of this elegant bird and wanted to try it in colour. However I'm not very happy with the initial stages. I'm hoping its just in its ugly stage and will pass by soon.

I thought I'd try the drafting film again and soon remembered just how few layers you can achieve on this surface. However, it is deliciously smooth and buttery to draw on. I'm using Derwent Coloursoft pencils and haven't tried them on the film til now. Perhaps I'm just out of practice on this support, but I don't like the initial efforts. This may be one of those to add to the 'mistakes' drawer.

The background start is not good and the colours in the feathers is far to candy pink. Yes, I think this one will be trashed and another started. I know I can erase on drafting film, but have found it just doesn't have quite the same smooth surface after erasing, so I avoid it when possible. Sometimes its useful to just look at things on the computer screen and reality appears more clearly than when it is in front of you.


pencilwizard said...

I think flamingos are beautiful birds,and this particular pose begs to be drawn.....having said that I dont find birds easy to do and nor do I working on drafting film.....this I still have to master lol.

ShiriMe! said...

i am sure you will get it right.

and i'm happy that you enjoy the notebooks.

i loved your drawing/painting and will treasure it always. that's what i love about meeting new people online and exchanging what i like to think of as a piece of who we are. it's, in a cheesy way to put it, quite magical. :)

(what mediums did you use?)

Jeanette said...

I can't say I'm experienced in drawing birds, but sometimes its good to do something that's outside the comfort zone.

Yes, I'd agree that there is something quite magical about touching someone else in a tangible way.

The medium for this is coloured pencil.

Pepe said...

Good day, just hopping through from Paulette's blog.... This one is already great for me....! A nice frame is all that you need here....! Have a wonderful weekend to you....! =D

Mary said...

Jeanette, I really like the combination of colors in this, it might be too pink but the way you have worked it gives it a certain elegance.

Jan said...

I think you should just keep going with it - It's not bad in the least and I think it's just an ugly stage.

The jury is out on using drafting film - at least for me - but I have found that you can add more layers than you think. Don't give up!