Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Art forms


Creation of art takes many forms and I've often dabbled in most forms. Jewelry is one of those things that I like to play with and I've been creating some organic shapes in various wires lately. I don't start out with a pattern or idea as each piece is unique and no two are alike, even with earrings which are similar, but not identical.

Here is a pair of earrings created in steel and copper with sterling silver ear wires. All pieces are handmade. The photo was taken in artificial light and doesn't do them justice. They have a much brighter sheen in reality. The length of the earrings is approximately 2 inches, not including the ear wire.

There is something satisfying about creating your own work and knowing that it is unique. I make these available in small quantities to others who are interested in owning a unique, natural product. More designs, including organic materials such as natural stones and sea glass, are being developed and will be available in the near future.

Prices are reasonable for these earrings at just $10.00. Shipping within Canada is $2.00, the USA is $3.00 and $4.50 for international delivery. I believe that part of making art is to share it and use it. Making it inaccessible through pricing defeats that purpose. Pricing of course reflects materials used and semiprecious stones, when used, are more expensive than natural local stone. Packaging for these pieces will be recycled where possible in degradable materials, but beautiful as well. There is always beauty in simplicity.

Tonight I watched a news story about a huge piece of ice the size of the city of Montreal shearing loose in the Arctic. Global warming is a reality, as is our use of natural resources to make unnatural products. While sounding a bit like Revelations here, I believe there will come a time when these resources won't be available. Power and fuel will be scarce as food is in some parts of the world now and we will wonder what we've done to the world.

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Jan said...

These are beautiful, Jeanette. I like that you use "found" and natural materials & agree that it may not be much longer before some of the things we take for granted now will no longer be available. The Book of Revelations no longer seems like a fairy tale.

I hope you'll show us more of your jewelry as well as your other art.