Monday, March 17, 2008


Beached boat
Black and white charcoal on mi-tientes 9 x 12
copyright Jeanette Jobson

I have too much on my mind and couldn't sleep last night, so I was up at 3am drawing and this beached boat is the result.

I'm trying to use up a pad of Canson mi-tientes paper which I really don't like much. I can't bear to throw things away, so I'm using the smooth side and am running out of darker colours which I prefer. There are strange yellows and oranges in this pad of paper which I've never considered using as backgrounds, but they may produce interesting results. I'll have to experiment with some warmer subject matter.

What do you do with paper you've bought and dislike? Is it kept in the back of a drawer to languish or do you persevere just to use it? I still have some paper that I haven't used yet sitting in my art cupboard. Perhaps those of us who want to get rid of what we don't want or try out new supports need to organize a paper swap!

I haven't used the coloured Canal papers yet, but have recently had a few ideas for it. I also bought a sheet of Yupo watercolour paper some time ago. I've heard good and bad reviews of Yupo, but I guess I'll have to try it myself to find out what its like.

I may have some time to do that tomorrow as we're in the midst of a powerful snowstorm right now with winds up to 120km and up to 60cm of snow expected by tomorrow. After which a day of freezing rain is forecast. Not fun. Because freezing rain in that quantity brings down powerlines. Keep your fingers crossed.


Tracy Hall said...

This is beautiful, Jeanette, I don't think I could even focus at 3am :) I admire you trying out the different surfaces; my impulse buys tend to be tried once then languish unloved until I let the kids use them up..they get better results than me usually!

So sorry to hear about your storms, I hope you can stay snug and don't lose your power.

Jan said...

Ah,more winter weather -- another reason to come here - it's balmy and the spring flowers have been blooming for some time!

Love, love, love your boat! The paper color really set the mood for it too.

I got a free pad of the Mi Tientes when I went to the Cheap Joe's store grand opening & don't care much for it either. I hate to say it, but I use it mostly for backing drafting film drawings!

I love Yupo! It's a very strange surface that really takes some getting used to though. Don't give up on it too soon. I don't use it often as it's one of those supports that you really have to be in the mood to use!

Have fun with it and show us what you do with it.

Cathy Gatland said...

I often use the less-than inspiring paper for experimenting on, and because I'm less inhibited with it, sometimes good things happen. I tend to hoard my 'beautiful' paper, waiting for when I'm really expert to use it, which may never happen...
I love your boat too - it looks cold there though!

Jo Castillo said...

This is a lovely drawing. I like the Canson paper for pastels but usually use sanded paper. The paper I don't like is Strathmore, it has a very heavy grid.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Tracy. I chase work thoughts out of my head in the wee hours with drawing.

Hopefully the major storms are over for the year. 40+cm of snow yesterday! Ick.

Jan, how lovely it sounds. With all the snow and now freezing rain, I don't think I'll see my garden again for a month.

I'll have to play with the Yupo and see how it behaves. I like drafting film so perhaps I may like Yupo too.

Thanks Cathy. Perhaps I have a bit of the hoarding instinct with my more expensive papers too. I try not to, but its natural to want to produce your best work on the best surface. But I agree, you are freer when you don't feel pressure to perform.

Jo, there are so many surfaces available for pastel and its not a medium that I can say I'm experienced in. Though I want to be. I have some colourfix paper and some sanded board that I need to reaquaint myself with.

Anonymous said...

Like this one alot,the soft muted colours really work. I have a collection of paper too that I dont use very often, but wont thow it out, like you dont want to waste things, so I will give it to another artist who can use it, or use it for my collages and ATCS.

Laurel Neustadter said...

This drawing is beautiful! I am frugal by nature, so I hate to throw things out. Also, I figure the more art practice I get the better, so I try to use up every art supply I purchase. I am not entirely successful at this ... I still have many, many art supplies!

Robyn said...

You moody little boat is indeed beautiful, Jeanette. And I love your Indian tea vendor!

I have a pad of Clairefontaine Ingres/Pastel coloured paper which I really don't like. In some ways I blame it for my lack of enthusiasm for my pastels.

Billie Crain said...

this shade of paper couldn't be better for a wintery scene. that cold grey/blue that's so pervasive in northern climates. Kudos on the boat, too! one tough perspective but you pulled it off to perfection! and your skills with charcoal are undenible, Jeanette.:)

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Jeanette - the warm yellow and orange shades provide a very good base for landscapes on sunny days. Think warm soil!

Except for the fluorescent neon type colours - for which there is no hope!