Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Mother Goose
Graphite 9 x 12
copyright Jeanette Jobson

This is the final image that was chosen to be used on AntiDull. This is an online art magazine that features artists & art photographers from around the world. Their aim is to provide a high quality publishing opportunity to artists and photographers who want to get more exposure to their artistic works. And who doesn't want that in the art world? The AntiDull website has received up to 650 unique visitors / day.

I was approached the other week by AntiDull (love that name!!) to ask if they could use one of my images for their Fine Art Issue # 2. I agreed and we worked out the arrangement and this is the page that was created to go into the online issue which was published today. Have a look at their magazine online. There is an amazing display of artists and art pieces in this issue.

Today I also received my first royalty cheque from an online tutorial that I did for Drawspace. Its not a huge amount, but as I did the tutorial without the expectation of receiving any money, its a bonus. Now that I have a little time back to myself again with the tri-weekly drawing classes gone, I may have a chance to produce some more tutorials.

I became friends with Brenda Hoddinott, the site owner and author of several drawing books and she convinced me to become more involved with the site initially as a moderator and now as a teacher. The site is for complete beginners to drawing and provides online lessons from the basics up to more advanced technique and subjects to a global audience.


Rose Welty said...

Jeanette, sounds like you are reaching some of those goals you had and forging new paths, well done. Very well deserved. Antidull looks good, you are in good company there.

Billie Crain said...

it took me a few minutes to figure out how to browse the site but it sure looks like you are in very good company. lots of talent on there...you included. i've always loved Mother Goose and i think it's an excellent choice to start out with Antidull. good goin', Jeanette!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Rose, I'm trying to make some forward movement. Its slow but I'm getting there.

They had a choice of images to use, but went with Mother Goose. I like that one too Billie. Exposure to a wider audience is always good.

Robyn said...

That looks so classy! Congratulations, Jeanette, they were very lucky to get such a beautiful drawing and you certainly deserve a wider audience.

Now I'm off to look at Antidull.

Paulette said...

Looks great Jeanette!

Jan said...

Whooooo Hoooooo! That's one of my favorite drawings that you have done & I'm glad Anti-Dull chose it!

Way to go - you're climbing toward your goals, girl!

Terry Banderas said...

Congratulations on your recent successes. Nice to hear those stories. You are tireless, I think.

Anonymous said...

Well done to you, its a super drawing and I just love it.