Saturday, April 12, 2008

Horse drawing/painting

This past week has been soooooooo crazy. I've hardly had time to draw breath before yet another issue lands on my lap. But finally, its under control (touch wood) and I can start to get some serious drawing underway again.

I have lots of sketches that I've done in odd moments that teeter on the brink of chaos and that keeps me sane. There is a comfort in picking up a pencil and creating something out of a white space. I can't explain how or why it is, except that is simply 'is'.

I have a little project to work on over the next week and will reveal more about that on the 18th. But for now a horse is in my future. Horses are very sculptural creatures and lovely to draw and paint. I did the line drawing of this one early this morning and transferred it to watercolour paper. Sometimes I have a need to use watercolour. I'm not an expert in it by any means, but sometimes the paint and water is kind to me and lets me produce something recognizable. Hopefully, it will cooperate with me for this painting as well.

Keep your fingers crossed...


Christy DeKoning said...

Hi - I found you on Marsha Robinett's blog. I had a commission to paint a horse earlier in the year, and I don't do a lot of horses so I really had to think about it before laying down colour. One thing I found worked well for me was wetting the highlighted areas of the horse's muscles/shape with clear water before laying down surrounding colour. It allowed a gentle seeping of colour without being too solid. You can view it at
if you like.

Christy DeKoning said...

Sorry - my link didn't work, but the address is correct if you want to copy and paste.