Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Creating texture

graphite 9 x 12
copyright Jeanette Jobson

I often stay with living things when I'm drawing - my comfort zone I guess. But lately I've been drawn to textures and have wanted to do something more detailed depicting brick or wood. This image of an old abandoned house fit the bill nicely , the basement window either frosted over with grime or water stained board behind it.

I loved creating the texture of the rotting wood and the subtle roughness of the brickwork. I want to try my hand at rust next. I've found some old horseshoes in the barn and they may do the trick, though around the farm there's never a shortage of rust it seems!

We often shy away from subjects that have a perceived level of difficulty. Looking at something complex in shape or colour we think 'I can't do that.' But we can do that. Its all down to observation and taking your time, breaking down the image into small manageable sections so it doesn't become overwhelming.

Its a bit like life. One section at a time.


vivien said...

you are on a roll!

I love distressed textures :>)

indiaartist said...

This is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Lovely drawing. I've come to you via Jennifer Rose and I wondered if I might have a go at your next virtual sketch challenge. You should be able to visit my blog via the link with my name. (There aren't any drawings on it - yet!)
Thanks :-)

Jeanette said...

Aren't the textures great to draw?

Thanks Indiaartist.

Welcome to my blog spiralsun65. I'm sure you can get involved in the next virtual sketch. Just keep an eye on my blog and Rose Welty's and closer to the middle of June (13th I think) things will start.

Jo Castillo said...

Great lines in this. You captured the texture very well. :)

DC said...

I find it interesting that I love sketching textures and inanimate objects while you find it easier with living subjects. Great work by the way, really enjoy your sketches.